Just proving the fact that Coverville cares about Kanye West. I mean, he had some of the most coverable tunes of all time. All time! Happy belated 35th, Kanye. (49 minutes)


Title Artist Album Original Artist More
1 All Of The Lights (Clean) Plaid Productions feat. The World Sing 8: Too Cubed Kanye West
Album All of the Lights - Sing 8: Too Cubed (A Cappella)
2 Gold Digger The Automatic Radio One’s Live Lounge Kanye West
3 Stronger 30 Seconds To Mars Radio 1’s Live Lounge Volume 2 Daft Punk/Kanye West
Album Stronger (BBC Live Version) - This Is War
4 Runaway Oberhofer Soundcloud Kanye West
5 Heartless The Fray Heartless Kanye West
Album Heartless (Swinghouse Session) - Heartless (Swinghouse Session) - Single
6 Good Life Nite Club My Tronic Kanye West
Album Good Life - My Tronic
7 Love Lockdown (Like Ripples) Daniel Bulbz Kanye West
8 Can’t Tell Me Nothing Francis & The Lights Guilt By Association Vol. 2 Kanye West
Album Can't Tell Me Nothing - Guilt By Association Vol. 2
9 Through the Wire Belaire Indie Translations of the College Dropout: The Kanye West Tribute CD Chaka Khan/Kanye West

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