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Great stuff that you asked to listen to. Between you and me, I think you’ve heard some of these before. [reposted with mp3] (57 minutes)



Title Artist Album Original Artist More
1 I Think I Love You Clam Abuse Stop Thinking David Cassidy
2 Genetic Engineering Oxford Collapse The Hann-Byrd EP OMD
Album Genetic Engineering - The Hann - Byrd - EP
3 Everybody Wants To Be A Cat Psapp Rewind! 5 Disney
Album Every'body Wants to Be a Cat - Rewind!, Vol. 5
4 The Book Of Love Catherine A.D. Carry Your Heart EP Magnetic Fields
Album The Book of Love - Carry Your Heart - EP
5 La Vie En Rose Belinda Carlisle Voila Edith Piaf
Album La vie en rose - Voilà (Bonus Track Version)
6 These Days St. Vincent Paris Is Burning Jackson Browne/Nico
Album These Days - Jesus Saves, I Spend - Single
7 Atarible Lie Inverse Phase Pretty Eight Machine Nine Inch Nails
8 Pusuit of Happiness [Explicit] Lissie Covered Up With Flowers [Explicit] Kid Cudi
Album Lissie
9 Anyway You Want It Clem Snide Clem Snide’s Journey Journey
Album Anyway You Want It - Clem Snide's Journey - EP

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