Inspired by the games going on in London right now, it’s an Olympic-sized Coverville, featuring songs inspired by the competitions. (53 minutes)



Title Artist Album Original Artist More
1 Bicycle Race Holmes Covers Queen
Album Bicycle Race - Covers
2 Holy Diver Brand New Idol Elektrokuted: 17 Metal and Rock Tracks Revisited Dio
Album Brand New Idol - Holy Diver (Dio) - Elektrokuted: 17 Metal and Rock Tracks Revisited
3 The Boxer (ft. Mumford & Sons and Paul Simon) Jerry Douglas Traveler Simon & Garfunkel
Album The Boxer (feat. Mumford & Sons & Paul Simon) - Traveler
4 Me And My Arrow AM Me And My Arrow Harry Nilsson
Album Me and My Arrow - Me and My Arrow - Single
5 Sailing Tomoyasu Hotei Modern Times Rock & Roll Sutherland Bros.
Album Sailing - Modern Times Rock 'N' Roll
6 Sail Macy Gray Covered AWOL Nation
Album Sail - Covered (Bonus Version)
7 A Horse With No Name The Loud Family Star Power America
Album A Horse With No Name - Star Power!
8 Shooting Star Puddle of Mudd Re:(Disc)Overed Bad Company
Album Shooting Star - Re:(Disc)Overed
9 Don’t Fence Me in David Byrne Red Hot + Blue: A Tribute To Cole Porter Cole Porter
Album Don't Fence Me In - Red Hot + Blue: A Tribute to Cole Porter
10 The Boat That I Row Sodsai Chaengkij Thai Beat A Go-Go Vol. 2 Neil Diamond
11 Carry That Weight Yellow Dubmarine Abbey Dub Beatles
Album Carry That Weight - Abbey Dub
12 Ping Pong George Fishoff Complex Cool and Strange Music Magazine’s Thrift Shop George Fishoff Complex

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