Cov indiehodgepodge

A hodgepodge of excellent covers by independent artists, featuring new renditions of tunes by Led Zeppelin, The Darkness, David J and more! (42 minutes)



Title Artist Album Original Artist More
1 The Cave The Ukuleles The Ukuleles Mumford & Sons
Album The Cave - The Ukuleles
2 What Is And What Should Never Be The Resistance Organ Trio The Resistance Organ Trio Does Zeppelin Led Zeppelin
3 If I Should Fall Behind Rose Cousins We Have Made A Spark Bruce Springsteen
Album If I Should Fall Behind - We Have Made a Spark
4 Something Amaya Something – Single Beatles
5 What Becomes of the Broken Hearted Ari Hest Covers Jimmy Ruffin
6 I Believe In a Thing Called Love Hannah Werdmuller Submission Darkness
7 The Way You Look Tonight Saskatchewan Submission Fred Astaire
8 I’ll Be Your Chauffeur McKenna Frazer Online David J

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