Cov indiehodgepodge

A perhaps more-than-slightly-influenced-by-Halloween edition of Indie Hodgepodge! With extra hyphens! (45 minutes)


Title Artist Album Original Artist More
1 Halloween Sentient Machine Theme From Halloween Movie theme
Album Theme from Halloween - Theme from Halloween - Single
2 Ghostbusters The Unchosen Scratch the Surface Ray Parker Jr.
3 Wicked Game The Give ’em Hell Boys Barn Burner Chris Isaak
Album The Give 'em Hell Boys
4 All That She Wants Rockyard Submission Ace of Base
5 All Along the Watchtower James Kole Unite Bob Dylan
Album All Along the Watchtower - Unite
6 Castlevania 3 Beginning (Level 1) The Bertrand Project Castlevania 3 Beginning (Level 1)-Single Video game
7 She’s Not There Margo Rey Habit Zombies
Album She's Not There - Habit
8 Ghost Town Joseph Patrick Moore Joseph Patrick Moore’s Drum & Bass Society Specials
Album Ghost Town - Volume 1
9 Halloween 72% Morrissey Submission Movie theme

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