In honor of co-founder Tom DeLonge’s birthday, I present an episode of Blink-182 covers! (41 minutes)


Title Artist Album Original Artist More
1 What’s My Age Again Doc Brown Duo What’s My Age Again Blink-182
Album What's My Age Again (Acoustic Version) - What's My Age Again (Acoustic Version) - Single
2 All the Small Things Culture Serial Killers Better Living Blink-182
Album All the Small Things - Better Living
3 Feeling This Richard Cheese I’d Like A Virgin Blink-182
Album Feeling This - I'd Like a Virgin
4 Another Girl Another Planet Blink-182 Greatest Hits Only Ones
Album Another Girl Another Planet - blink-182: Greatest Hits
5 Stay Together For The Kids Honeywagon Grass Stains: A Bluegrass Tribute To Blink-182 Blink-182
Album Stay Together for the Kids - Grass Stains - A Bluegrass Tribute to Blink 182
6 Dancing With Myself Blink-182 Before You Were Punk Billy Idol
AlbumDancing With Myself - Loose Change (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
7 A New Hope Straight Outta Junior High Pacific Ridge Records Heroes of Pop Punk Blink-182
Album A New Hope - Pacific Ridge Record's Heroes of Pop-punk (Limited Edition)
8 I Miss You Joy Electric Favorites At Play Blink-182
Album I Miss You - Favorites At Play
9 Adam’s Song Future Idiots Grand Theft Audio [Explicit] Blink-182
Album Adam's Song - Grand Theft Audio

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