What do these 11 songs have in common? Too late to win a prize (congrats to live stream listener Ashley!), but since I don’t tell you until the end, you can guess like everybody else! (55 minutes)



Title Artist Length Artwork Album Original Artist Versions Buy
Pumped Up Kicks Miracles of Modern Science 3:55 Pumped Up Kicks single Foster The People 9
Build Me Up Buttercup Frank Turner 3:04 1969 Key to Change Foundations 4
Down In The Boondocks The Barracudas 4:34 Down in the Boondocks bw Everybody's Talking Billy Joe Royal 2
Down Under Love Canon 4:43 Greatest Hits Vol. 3 Men At Work 9
Left Of Center Trespassers William 3:26 Isn't She Still...Pretty In Pink Suzanne Vega
You May Be Right Hussalonia 2:59 Glass Houses Billy Joel 3
I Left My Heart In San Francisco Joan Jett 2:30 Unifinished Business Cory & Cross/Tony Bennett
Couldn’t Get It Right Fun Lovin' Criminals 3:46 Mimosa Climax Blues Band 2
Let It Be Chrissie Hynde 3:48 The Art of McCartney (Amazon Exclusive Version) Beatles 28
The A Team The Ukuleles 4:26 The Ukuleles Ed Sheeran 2
Ready to Start Tears For Fears 3:23 Soundcloud Arcade Fire 2