On today’s episode, we celebrate the birthday of Philip Oakey from The Human League, and sit down the singer/songwriter Thomas Csorba about his brand new self-titled album and the story behind the cover! (77 minutes)



Title Artist Length Artwork Album Original Artist Versions Buy
Don’t You Want Me (feat. Deidre & the Dark) French Horn Rebellion 4:43 Next Jack Swing Human League
(Keep Feeling) Fascination Rude Boy George 3:45 Confessions Human League
The Sound Of The Crowd Superheroes 3:21 Reproductions: Songs of the Human League Human League
Reach Out (I’ll Be There) The Human League 3:56 The Golden Hour of the Future (Remastered) Four Tops 4
Love Action (I Believe In Love) (Original Mix) Alan Connor 3:19 Love Action (I Believe In Love) Human League
Together in Electric Dreams The Moon Loungers 4:21 Acoustic Covers - 80s Phillip Oakey/Giorgio Moroder 4
Mirror Man (Live) Damills 2:53 Deconstructing Electronics (Live at the Jazzroom) Human League
Being Boiled Heaven 17 4:51 Naked As Advertised: Versions 08 Human League 4
Human Alan Frew 4:26 80290 Rewind Human League 3
Expectation Runs Thomas Csorba 3:55 Thomas Csorba Thomas Csorba
Plastic Jesus (Reborn) Thomas Csorba 3:25 Thomas Csorba Goldcoast Singers