Two artists that ruled MTV in their prospective decades, Bjork and Billy Idol, and they’re both celebrating birthdays coming up! Let’s take a cover-smothered look at their catalogs, shall we? (80 minutes)



Title Artist Length Artwork Album Original Artist Versions Buy
Venus as a Boy The Violet Jive 4:02 Venus as a Boy Bjork 2
Army of Me (feat. Unwoman) Professor Shyguy 3:47 History 1-1 Bjork
Big Time Sensuality The Starting Line 3:11 Punk Goes 90's Bjork
I Remember You Bjork 4:12 Venus as a Boy (single) Johnny Mercer/Jimmy Dorsey
Hyperballad Whitley 4:26 No Man's Woman Bjork 7
Joga Sonos 4:46 SONOSings Bjork 5
Hidden Place Notes From The Edge 4:53 Notes From The Edge Bjork
Like Someone in Love Bjork 4:33 Debut Dinah Shore
Human Behaviour Our Flying Saucer 3:42 Further Beyond the Sea Bjork
The Hunter Kaitlyn Ni Donovan 4:35 Read: Interpreting Bjork Bjork
It’s Oh So Quiet Betty Hutton 3:09 Somebody Loves Me Unknown Artist
Dancing With Myself Taylor Locke 2:48 Here Comes the Reign Again: The Second British Invasion Billy Idol 3
Cradle Of Love Bad Influence 3:31 Skön Lång Titel Billy Idol
Eyes Without A Face Juliet Lyons 4:32 Stopover Billy Idol 4
White Wedding The New Morty Show 3:26 Undercover Vol.1 - The Greatest Songs You've Never Heard Billy Idol 14
Rebel Yell (Trip) The Bangkok Five 5:04 Under The Covers Billy Idol
Tomorrow Never Knows Billy Idol 4:04 Butchering the Beatles - A Headbashing Tribute Beatles 20