Depends on how I go through Google Translate, Kabā machi is either Cover Town (no “Ville” of course) or Hippopotamus Street. While we get this figured out, how about a set of covers pertaining to the country of Japan?



Title Artist Length Artwork Album Original Artist Versions Buy
Big in Japan Dolapdere Big Gang 3:37 Just Feel Alphaville 5
Sukiyaki Big Daddy 3:28 The Best Of Big Daddy Kyu Sakamoto 4
Turning Japanese Liz Phair & Material Issue 3:35 Juvenilia Vapors 12
Woman from Tokyo / Does Your Mother Know The Black-Sweden 3:36 Gold ABBA/Deep Purple
Radio Tokyo Puffy 4:55 Splurge Marvelous 3 2
Song For The Dumped (Japanese) Ben Folds Five 5:03 Whatever And Ever Amen (Remastered Edition) Ben Folds Five
Kiss Me (Japanese) Sixpence None The Richer 3:18 Greatest Hits Sixpence None The Richer
Toy Soldiers (Japanese) Martika 4:45 Toy Soldiers: The Best Of Martika Martika
I Will Follow Him (Japanese) Peggy March 2:28 The Very Best of Peggy March Peggy March
All Day And All Of The Night Tomoyasu Hotei 4:08 Modern Times Rock & Roll Kinks 3
Just I-lulu 3:55 RADIOHEAD Tribute -Master's Collection- Radiohead 3
Paperback Writer (Japanese) Emmanuel Santarromana 2:47 Fab4ever Beatles
Daydream Believer (Japanese) Gigantor 3:23 It's All Cover Now Baby Blue Monkees
Jet Shonen Knife 3:55 Super Group Paul McCartney 3
Without You アンジェラ・アキ (Angela Aki) 3:11 輝く人 (Those Who Shine) Badfinger 4
Donguri/Rolling Acorn Lisa Loeb & Elizabeth MItchell 1:51 Catch The Moon Japanese Traditional
My Way Yen Town Band/Chara 5:36 Montage Claude Francois/Frank Sinatra 12
Hero Me First & The Gimme Gimmes 2:33 Sing In Japanese - EP Kai Band
Undone (The Sweater Song) spoony 3:21 Across The Sea -A Tribute To Weezer- Weezer 4
Crazy For You Miho Hatori 4:32 Hear Music: Sweetheart Love Songs Madonna 5
Wannabe 南波志帆 (Nanba Shiho) 2:47 Choice Spice Girls 3
Englishman In New York Youmo To Ohana (Wool & Flowers) 3:58 Live In Living Sting 10