In honor of co-founder Allen Clarke’s birthday, how about a Hollies Cover Story! (60 minutes)



Title Artist Length Artwork Album Original Artist Versions Buy
Bus Stop Murray Atkinson 3:53 Bus Stop - Single Hollies 8
Long Cool Woman (In A Black Dress) Rockapella 3:07 Rockapella In Concert Hollies 5
Carrie Anne Ali Campbell 3:19 Great British Songs Hollies 3
I’m Alive The Hawks 2:55 Perfect World Radio Hollies 2
Look Through Any Window Michael Carpenter & Rob Smith 3:19 S.O.O.P #5 - Songs Of Other People Hollies 4
After The Fox Sakata Akira And Nakahara Masaya 3:20 All Kinds Of People Love Burt Bacharach Hollies
Fifi the Flea Mary Black 2:42 Stories from the Steeples Hollies
The Times They Are a Changin’ (Remastered) The Hollies 3:20 The Hollies Sing Dylan (Remastered) Bob Dylan
On a Carousel Glass Moon 3:20 Growing In the Dark Hollies 3
I Can’t Tell the Bottom from the Top Middle of the Road 3:29 Best Of Hollies
Pretty Flamingo The Everly Brothers 2:35 Two Yanks In England Manfred Mann 3
Sorry Suzanne Jon Brion 7:52 Sing Hollies In Reverse Hollies 2
King Midas in Reverse The Posies 4:40 Every Bitter Drop Hollies 2
Yes I Will Expulsados 2:47 Altoparlantes 2 Hollies
It’s In Her Kiss (1997 Remastered Version) The Hollies 2:12 In the Hollies Style Merry Clayton