About time I do a cover story for Kenny Loggins, isn’t it? Well, this is it! Yeah, I couldn’t resist. (57 minutes)



Title Artist Length Artwork Album Original Artist Versions Buy
Footloose (feat. Dannielle DeAndrea) Scary Pockets 2:53 Star Funk Kenny Loggins
I’m Free (feat. Gerard Vachon) NEIL 3:37 I'm Free (feat. Gerard Vachon) - Single Kenny Loggins
I’m Alright Home Free & The Filharmonic 2:11 The Sing-Off: Season 4 - The Ultimate Sing-Off Songs Kenny Loggins
Danger Zone children of bodom 2:57 I Worship Chaos Kenny Loggins 4
What a Fool Believes Kenny Loggins 3:37 Nightwatch Kenny Loggins
Whenever I Call You “Friend” (feat. Phillip Sweet) Sara Evans 4:07 Copy That Kenny Loggins/Stevie Nicks
Your Mama Don’t Dance (feat. Huey Lewis) Chuck Bari & The Shackers 4:12 Your Mama Don't Dance (feat. Huey Lewis) Loggins & Messina
Danny’s Song Neko Case 3:33 Vinyl (Music from the HBO┬« Original Series), Vol. 1.3 - EP Gator Creek/Loggins & Messina 2
Down In the Boondocks Kenny Loggins 4:19 Nightwatch Billy Joe Royal 3
This Is It Taran 4:33 Yacht Rock Kenny Loggins
Vahevala Bob Karwin 5:34 The Miles Between Loggins & Messina
House At Pooh Corner The Boxmasters 2:14 The Boxmasters Loggins & Messina
Love Song Treat Williams 2:05 Everwood Soundtrack Loggins & Messina 2