Taking a trip in the wayback machine to 1985, to see what was on the Billboard charts – and then slathering them in cover-y goodness. (63 minutes)



Title Artist Length Artwork Album Original Artist Versions Buy
Jungle Love Franks & Deans 3:35 Punksexy: A Las Vegas Punk Rock Tribute To Prince Morris Day & the Time 2
You’re The Inspiration Relient K 3:45 Is For Karaoke EP Pt. 2 Chicago 2
Private Dancer Gennaro Cosmo Parlato 2:48 Remainders Tina Turner 3
Too Late For Goodbyes Michael Cleveland and Flamekeeper 3:34 On Down the Line Julian Lennon
The Boys of Summer Daddy Issues 3:44 Deep Dream Don Henley 15
The Old Man Down the Road Bjurman 3:08 Fogerty Files John Fogerty
Method Of Modern Love Emm Gryner 5:09 She's Gone Hall & Oates
California Girls Wakey!Wakey! 2:16 Wakey!Wakey! Wednesdays [Family Records] Beach Boys 6
The Heat Is On Norbert Schneider 3:57 Medicate My Blues Away Glenn Frey
Neutron Dance The Del Rubio Triplets 3:15 Three Gals, Three Guitars Pointer Sisters
I Want To Know What Love Is Big Daddy 3:05 Meanwhile...Back In The States Foreigner 5
Can’t Fight This Feeling (feat. London Contemporary Orchestra) BASTILLE 3:18 Can’t Fight This Feeling (feat. London Contemporary Orchestra) - Single REO Speedwagon
Easy Lover Great Good Fine Ok & Panama Wedding 4:20 Easy Lover Phil Collins & Philip Bailey 3
Careless Whisper Trash Pour 4 4:48 Superduper George Michael & Wham! 9