Celebrating the music of two legendary artists we lost in the past week: Harry Belafonte and Gordon Lightfoot. (62 minutes)



Title Artist Length Artwork Album Original Artist Versions Buy
Day O! The Techniques 2:48 Rock Steady Classics Edric Connor & the Caribbeans
Zombie Jamboree Rockapella 3:42 Live In Japan Lord Intruder
Booboo Leftover Salmon 3:54 Bridges to Bert Lord Melody
Coconut Woman Karl Zéro & The Wailers 3:18 HiFi Calypso Harry Belafonte
Man Smart (Woman Smarter) Dream Warriors 4:31 Buffy the Vampire Slayer [Original Soundtrack] King Radio/Harry Belafonte
Jump In The Line Da Vinci's Notebook 3:22 The Life And Times Of Mike Fanning Harry Belafonte 2
Dayo The Business 1:48 Smash the Discos EP Edric Connor & the Caribbeans
Island In the Sun The Paragons 3:09 On the Beach With the Paragons Harry Belafonte
The Last Time I Saw Her Harry Belafonte 5:25 Homeward Bound Gordon Lightfoot
Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald Punch Brothers 4:45 Hell on Church Street Gordon Lightfoot
The Way I Feel Cowboy Junkies 4:11 Songs of the Recollection Gordon Lightfoot
Sundown The Smithereens 3:31 God Save The Smithereens Gordon Lightfoot 3
If You Could Read My Mind Jonathan Coulton 3:52 Some Guys Gordon Lightfoot 2
I’m Not Sayin’ The Primitives 2:23 Echoes And Rhymes Gordon Lightfoot