Got this email from listener Andy:

“I have been a loyal listener since about episode 10. I recently found out that a friend of mine was diagnosed with breast cancer, at age 42. Her attitude is great, and all she is asking from her friends is below.

‘So now to you. Everyone has asked what they can do and I’m saying Help! I need you oh-so-creative and hip friends and family! Give me your suggestion for what should make it onto the ultimate kick-cancer-in-the-ass-‘mixtape.’ I’ll think of them as my special Power Songs that I can punch in on the low days when I need a boost. ‘

I thought of you immediately, and hoping you can help out.”

He may have thought of me – but I thought of you, the listener base, to help come up with the best “Optomistic Playlist” out there. Doesn’t have to be covers! C’mon hive-mind, what do you say?