Had a listener ask me tonight what my “Desert Island Songs” were. My 10 favorite songs of all time. Given time, I think I could come up with them. But I thought it much easier to come up with my “Desert Island Discs”.

Stuck on an island, with a CD player and an endless supply of batteries, here are the CDs I’d take with me (in no particular order):

“Argybargy” by Squeeze
“Quench” by The Beautiful South
“Armed Forces” by Elvis Costello
“Dear 23” by The Posies
“presents Author Unknown” by Jason Falkner
“Soul Mining” by The The (this would be tough because “Mind Bomb” is brilliant too…)
“Temple of Low Men” by Crowded House (another toughie. “Together Alone”, or Neil’s solo “One All”)
“Purr” by The Dance Hall Crashers
“BeautifulGarbage” by Garbage
“15 Minutes” by Nik Kershaw

I avoided putting any Greatest Hits or other compilations in the list, but Steely Dan’s “Gold” would likely be up there if not.


(Next week I’ll divulge who’s on my Mount Rushmore. Yeah, I’ve thought about that too.)