Last week’s battle, versions of Big Star’s “Thirteen” saw a much closer battle than we’ve seen in past weeks, with 46% picking the Wilco version, 38% picking the Garbage version, and 6% choosing “Other”. The big “Other” write-in was Elliot Smith, which I have to agree is a great version. That leaves about 10% giving the answer “Neither”. Spoilsports.

This week, we’re listening to two great versions of The Cure’s “The Lovecats”, one of their most popular songs to cover (just behind “In Between Days” and “Boys Don’t Cry”, I’d wager). First up is a new cover by most of the band Supergrass, a side project called Hotrats (). Second, we have Tanya Donnelly and Dylan in the Movies with a slightly sultrier take ().

Which one always the right way round?

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