Episode(s) Artist Length Artwork Album Original Artist Year Buy
Ninja Sex Party 4:33 Under the Covers, Vol. 3 Peter Gabriel 2019
Jamie Woon 4:02 BBC Radio 2: Sounds of the 80s Vol. 2 Peter Gabriel 2016
Love Canon 5:29 Greatest Hits Vol. 2 Peter Gabriel 2012
Sunshiners 4:28 Welkam Bak Long Vanuatu (Digital Exclusive Version) Peter Gabriel 2008
Northern Kings 5:10 Reborn Peter Gabriel 2007
Kelli King & James Bouchard 4:15 The Fritters Peter Gabriel 2006
The Fritters 4:15 Another Batch of Fritters Peter Gabriel 2006
Supreme Beat Featuring Dave Wakeling 5:01 A Tribute To The Music Of Peter Gabriel: Leaves From The Tree Peter Gabriel 2002
Beelzebubs (Tufts) 4:29 Id Peter Gabriel 1998
Morgan James 4:31 Soundcloud Peter Gabriel