Episode(s) Artist Length Artwork Album Original Artist Year Buy
Florence + The Machine 4:05 Songs from Final Fantasy XV - Single Ben E. King 2016
Ki:Theory 3:17 KITTY HAWK Ben E. King 2013
Garth Brooks 3:02 Blame It All On My Roots: Five Decades Of Influences: Blue-Eyed Soul Ben E. King 2013
Cass Lowe 3:31 Lifting the Covers (Twenty Great Cover Versions) Ben E. King 2012
Dublin Simon Community Collective 3:23 The Shortest Night Ben E. King 2012
The Rocker Covers 3:49 Revved Up Ben E. King 2011
Dwight Twilley 5:10 Out Of The Box Ben E. King 2009
Playing For Change 5:10 Songs Around The World Ben E. King 2009
Aaron Neville 3:53 Bring It On Home...The Soul Classics Ben E. King 2006
Toxic Audio 4:39 Word Of Mouth Ben E. King 2005
Tracy Chapman 4:03 XM Radio Sessions - Hear Music Volume 1 Ben E. King 2005
Otis Redding 2:52 Pain In My Heart (US Release) Ben E. King 2005
Porn On Beta 4:21 Covered In Porn Ben E. King 2004
Nikko 4:19 La Musique de Paris Derniere: Vol. 2 Ben E. King 1999
Clay, Cassius 2:11 Golden Throats 2 - More Celebrity Rock Oddities! (1991) Ben E. King 1991
Ka`au Crater Boys 3:25 Tropical Hawaiian Day Ben E. King 1991
John Lennon 3:27 The John Lennon Collection Ben E. King 1975