Episode(s) Artist Length Artwork Album Original Artist Year Buy
Hillbilly Holiday 2:29 Cryin' Time Pixies 2012
Neil Milton 4:29 Doolittle Pixies 2011
OK Go 2:48 Triple J: Like A Version 6 Pixies 2010
Joy Zipper 3:02 Dig For Fire - A Tribute to Pixies Pixies 2007
Grant Lee Phillips 3:36 Nineteeneighties Pixies 2006
Hersh, Kristin 3:11 High School Reunion - a tribute to those great 80's films! Pixies 2005
Naht 3:46 Tribute To The Pixies Pixies 2000
Superdrag 2:09 Where Is My Mind? (A Tribute To The Pixies) Pixies
Love X Stereo 4:20 Soundcloud Pixies