Episode(s) Artist Length Artwork Album Original Artist Year Buy
PAVONI / BOTTI (Greenwall) 3:23 Echoes of Secrets (A Pink Floyd tribute) Pink Floyd 2018
Ninja Sex Party 4:58 Under the Covers Pink Floyd 2016
Lia Ices 4:36 Wish You Were Here B/W Late Night Pink Floyd 2012
Tangerine Dream 6:53 Under Cover Pink Floyd 2012
Coincidence Machine 4:28 Upside Out Pink Floyd 2012
Bettye Lavette 3:49 Interpretations: The British Rock Songbook Pink Floyd 2010
The Catherine Wheel 3:26 Like Cats And Dogs Pink Floyd 2009
Sparklehorse 6:56 Lords Of Dogtown Pink Floyd 2005
Sally Semrad 4:30 A Fair Forgery Of Pink Floyd: Us (Disc 1) Pink Floyd 2003
Rasputina 4:23 The Lost & Found 2nd Edition Pink Floyd 2003
Kris McKay 4:54 Tribute - Echoes of Pink Pink Floyd 2002
Kris McKay 4:54 A Pink Floyd Tribute - Echoes of Pink Pink Floyd 2002
Gregorian 5:32 Gregorian Masters of Chant II Pink Floyd 2001
Sparkle Horse featuring Thom Yorke 6:57 Come Again: Essential Interpretations Pink Floyd 1997
The Busters 3:44 Ska Cover To Cover Pink Floyd 1996
Rasputina 4:22 The Lost & Found Pink Floyd
Gov't Mule 8:58 3/8/00, Irving Plaza, NYC Pink Floyd