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What is Coverville?

Coverville is a podcast, produced every Wednesday, that focuses on cover songs – a new rendition of a previously recorded song. The show is produced and hosted by Brian Ibbott, in his home in Arvada, Colorado – about 10 miles West of Denver.

The show features a combination of music and information about the music, delivered in a very relaxed, informal style. On average, each show runs about 90 minutes. Information about the performing artist, and source album is provided, along with information about the artist being covered.

Contacting Coverville

Coverville wouldn’t exist without the support of its listeners! Song requests, theme show recommendations, independent artist submissions and suggestions are welcomed and appreciated. There are several ways to contact Coverville:

Requests: Send a message to

Phone: Call the Coverville Request Voice Mail line at: 877-7-COVER-9 (877-726-8379)

Regular Mail: Send music submissions and anything else that won’t fit into an email to:

Brian Ibbott
6488 Moss Circle
Arvada, CO 80007

How The Show Is Produced

Coverville is produced using very simple, and inexpensive equipment.

The show is recorded on a MacBook Pro, using AudioHijack ProWireTap Studio and Algoriddim’s djay. I also rely upon WireTap Anywhere, however I cannot recommend the software as it has not been updated to work with Mac OS 10.8 Mountain Lion.

Microphone: Shure KSM-27 (Your purchase via this link helps provide support to Coverville)

Mixer: Behringer Eurorack (Your purchase via this link helps provide support to Coverville)

Hosting: Hosting for the Coverville site is provided by BlueHost, who provides excellent services and customer support at a very low price. I highly recommend BlueHost for hosting any site, not just podcasts.

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