Why advertise on Coverville?

A Coverville sponsorship gets your message into the ears, eyes and hands of a strong and committed listener base. The average Coverville listener is a 30 to 35-year-old male, technically-savvy, and makes purchases online.

Using our combination of spoken advertising, banner ads, and clickable links, we’ll get your message across to our listeners!

First and foremost, Coverville listeners will hear your ad in the show. And not with some faceless, forgettable prerecorded commercial, but with an NPR-style spoken advertisement, presented by the host, Brian Ibbott. This lends a personal endorsement to the message, and keeps the listener “tuned-in.”

In addition to hearing your message, your sponsorship includes a banner advertisment on the Coverville home page. This page is viewed by tens of thousands of unique visitors per month, and, when followed by the spoken advertisement, provides a reminder to the listener of your product or service. This combination of sound and sight put your message at the forefront of the listener’s mind.

You’ve sent your message to the listener’s ears and eyes, but what you want is their action! By including a link in the shownotes of each episode, we give your message’s audience a way to jump right to your product or service, where they can take advantage of what you have to offer. Include a coupon code and a discount, and you’ve got an excellent way to track return on investment (ROI).

Ready to get started? Great! Contact us at the link below to get a personalized proposal and quote. We’d love to help get your message across to our listeners!

For a proposal, send an email to coverville AT backbeatmedia DOT com. Of course, replace the AT and DOT with the appropriate symbols…

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