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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I combine my Coverville and Coverville Bonus Tracks feeds into one “super feed”?
A: Yes! I’m happy to announce that you now have that option available to you as a subscriber.

Q: I’ve clicked the “Become A Coverville Citizen” button, and I’ve made my PayPal payment. What happens next?
A: You’ll immediately find a link to your available feeds in your Coverville Citizen login page.

Q: Does my subscription auto-renew?
A: Yes. PayPal will automatically charge your account again each year on the anniversary of your signup date unless you cancel prior to that date.

Q: If you increase the subscription price, will I get notified?
A: Once you sign up, I can’t change the price without canceling your subscription and asking you to re-subscribe. In other words, your subscription price is locked in, and you’ll never have to pay an increased cost.

Q: If someone joins later, can they access older episodes of Coverville: Bonus Tracks?
A: Like most RSS podcast feeds, each show will remain in the feed for a few weeks. It will likely keep the last three Coverville: Bonus Tracks episodes in the feed, to be fair to those who have subscribed early.