Want to get your band or label’s music on Coverville? I welcome any and all submissions for the show, and personally listen to everything that is sent in. If it’s right for the show, I’ll include it in a future episode and send an email to let you know when I do.

Ben Sommer – an independent artist who has submitted a couple songs for the show, says:

Hey Brian – just thought you’d like to know that my YouTube channel normally gets 20-30 views a day. On the day this podcast aired – it spiked to 170 views. Pretty powerful podcast!
Thanks again!!

Feel free to email individual mp3s to the, or send physical submissions (CDs, etc.) to:

Brian Ibbott
6488 Moss Circle
Arvada, CO 80007

Please include with your submission that you give me permission to play your music on my show, and include any bio information that you’d like me to mention when I play the track, including a website where I can direct people who want to learn more about you.

NotLame records is a good example of a recording company that has seen some great response from music I’ve played on my show. (make sure to check out their excellent Cars Tribute: “Just What I Needed”, which features some excellent cover versions of Cars classics.