Of Montreal, of course

Listener Nathaniel turned me on to the blog You Ain’t No Picasso, who today has unleashed 52 covers by the band Of Montreal. Listening as I write this, and they’re definitely worth checking out! Place your cursor here and press the button.

I think I’ve had it with American Idol

I was in the middle of responding to a comment from the last show post, and I thought my response (and the resulting discussion) would benefit from being in its own separate post on the site. In show 414, I made some comments about my irritation with the exaggeration...

A Rocket, Man. A Rock! It! Man!

Shatner smokes and emotes his way through Elton John and Bernie Taupin’s “Rocket Man”. Make sure you get through to the four minute mark, for Shatner’s swingin’ third clone. (Thanks to Jean Paul for the link!)

Talking With Tim

I had the honor recently to chat with Tim O’Shea (of TalkingWithTim.com) about Coverville, and how it’s evolved over the years. He asked some great questions that I’d never been asked before, which gave me a chance to open up about some lesser known...