No. Episode(s) Title Length Artist Original Artist Versions Buy
1 Lost Ones (feat. Femme Deadly Venoms) 5:18 Femme Deadly Venoms Lauryn Hill
2 Conversations On Love: It’s Not All Giddy (feat. Lady Fingaz) 0:59 Lady Fingaz & Members of OSA's Vocal Rush Lauryn Hill
3 Ex-Factor (feat. Cosa Nostra Strings, Lilan Kane & Infinite) 8:10 Cosa Nostra Strings, Lilan Kane & Infinite Lauryn Hill
4 To Zion (feat. The RUBaDUB Posse) 5:54 The RUBaDUB Posse Lauryn Hill
5 Conversations On Love: Love Is Inevitable (feat. Shaina Evoniuk) 1:27 Shaina Evoniuk & Members of OSA's Vocal Rush Lauryn Hill
6 Doo Wop: That Thing (feat. Babii Cris) 2:55 Babii Cris Lauryn Hill
7 Conversations On Love: Sharing the Good and Bad (feat. M’kai Joseph) 0:59 M'kai Joseph & Members of OSA's Vocal Rush Lauryn Hill
8 Superstar (feat. Howard Wiley & Extra Nappy) 4:52 Howard Wiley & Extra Nappy Lauryn Hill
9 Final Hour (feat. Kev Choice) 4:35 Kev Choice Lauryn Hill
10 When It Hurts So Bad (feat. FR333 & Astu) 3:33 FR333 & Astu Lauryn Hill
11 Conversations On Love: Not Shaming Yourself (feat. XOA) 1:40 XOA & Members of OSA's Vocal Rush Lauryn Hill
12 I Used to Love Him (feat. Josh Jones Latin Jazz Ensemble) 3:33 Josh Jones Latin Jazz Ensemble Lauryn Hill
13 Forgive Them Father (feat. Inspector Gadje Balkan Brass & Sandman) 5:29 feat. Inspector Gadje Balkan Brass & Sandman Lauryn Hill
14 Every Ghetto, Every City (feat. Noah Kibreab) 5:07 Noah Kibreab Lauryn Hill
15 Conversations On Love: It’s A Complex and Simple Thing (feat. Meklit) 1:14 Meklit & Members of OSA's Vocal Rush Lauryn Hill
16 Nothing Even Matters (feat. Meklit) 4:08 Meklit Lauryn Hill
17 Everything Is Everything (feat. Katdelic) 5:20 KATDELIC Lauryn Hill
18 The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill (feat. Vocal Rush) 3:48 Vocal Rush Lauryn Hill
19 Can’t Take My Eyes Off You (feat. The Dynamic Miss Faye Carol) 7:42 The Dynamic Miss Faye Carol Lauryn Hill
20 Tell Him (feat. Sol Development) 5:22 SOL Development Lauryn Hill