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Another Sunday, another great collection of requests from listeners, and Uncovered Gem of the Week, and some Trivia, courtesy of the PodQuiz:

Title Artist Original Artist:
Burning Flame Vitamin Z Uncovered Gem of the Week
Love Me Like A Rock The Persuasions Paul Simon
Ain’t No Sunshine Sting Bill Withers
Give Me Love Marisa Monte George Harrison
Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me Oleta Adams Elton John
Smells Like Teen Spirit (live) Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain Nirvana

40 minutes |

Check out the four great trivia podcasts I mentioned: PodQuiz – 20 brain-busting questions on every topic; Mostly Trivial – Good short one- or two-question shows if you’re in a hurry; Brain Strain – Music trivia questions, served up three at a time; and Voices From The Vault – Name the famous person, hearing only their voice. All four are great, and all four are worth subscribing to.