Note: There a couple voice drop-outs at the beginning, but it stops before the first track. Hang in there…

It’s the My Favorite Cover Countdown 2004. Here’s what you’ll hear tonight:

“Battle Of Evermore” – The Lovemongers (originally by Led Zeppelin)

“Dreams” – The Corrs (originally Fleetwood Mac)

“Cold Cold Heart” – Norah Jones (written by Hank Williams)

“My Back Pages” – The Ramones (originally Bob Dylan)

“Walk Away Renee” – Billy Bragg (originally the Four Tops / Left Banke)

“Wild Horses” – The Sundays (originally The Rolling Stones)

“Suspicious Minds” – Fine Young Cannibals (originally Elvis Presley)

Thanks again to John Ong for sending in the great a capella intros. If you’d like to intro a track, post a comment on the weblog or email me, and I’ll give you a number to intro!

And here’s a link the Coverville Countdown iMix in Apple iTunes

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