Experimenting with an AAC feed

First off – before I get any upset emails like I did the last time I mentioned this – I am NOT replacing the regular MP3 feed! But one of the things I was planning on announcing for show 300 is a new AAC feed. The benefit of an AAC version of the show is...

The Killers’ Romeo & Juliet

Thanks to Simpsons Fan for the link. It’s a beautiful rendition of the Dire Straits track (which is indeed my favorite song), but I’m not sure that it adds anything new to it. Listen and judge for yourself.

But still…they turn me on.

I’m not sure how it happened, but it appears that the misnaming of Uncle Seth’s track in Coverville Idol was my error. I looked back at the original email that they sent, along with the track, and they did have it correctly named as “Still…You...

G’Day Coverville!

I was a special guest on TPN Founder Cameron Reilly’s podcast, “Podcasting APB”, where we talked about Coverville, licensing, the future of podcasting and CD openers. Listen here!