JourneyPod has included Coverville as one of their recommended shows. The cool thing is that there are other shows on the list that you should check out.

The P List

And the current list of shows I’m subscribed to are as follows:
Cush: Things I Say
ExtraLife Radio
Jawbone Radio
Five Hundy By Midgnight
MacBreak Weekly
MacMost Video Podcast
Mashup of the Week
Mostly Trivial
Music I-Quiz
My Trivia Podcast
NPR: Sunday Puzzle
NPR: Wait Wait.. Don’t Tell Me
Official Disneyland Podcast
One Minute Tip
Podcast Brothers
PodQuiz Weekly Trivia Quiz
Reel Reviews Radio
Shifted Sound
The Acapodcast
The Bitterest Pill
The Hollywood Podcast
The Instance
The Mac Observer’s Mac Geek Gab
They Might Be Giants
This American Life
Tiki Bar TV
Today’s Podcast
TPN: The PSP Show
Uncle Seth Blog and Podcast
What They Sang To Me

Wow. Amazing that I have time to do anything.