For the entire month of December, Coverville Radio will be switching formats, to just covers from 2015! This is to gear up for the last two episodes of the month, where we’ll be counting down the 40 best covers of the year. So now, you can listen to over 500 of the best covers released this year in preparation for the Countdown!

But as they say, that’s not all!

Thanks to the genius work of Todd Whitehead of Alpha Geek Radio, you can very easily register for an account on Coverville Radio, which allows you to rate the songs as you hear them! The more you rate, the more you help shape the results of the Countdown!

Just visit, click the Listen button, and you’ll be enjoying covers from this year. When you hear one you like, click the Rate Song link on the player and give it a rating, from one star to five (The first time you do this, you’ll sign up for an account – super easy).

That’s all there is to it! Thanks for your support!