I’ve been thinking about a new coat of paint on this old house for a while now. You see, something I’ve noticed about the iTunes Podcast directory is that there’s a LOT there, and people newly discovering the medium will usually start with the staff’s recommended lists, or the popularity charts and find something they connect with there.

But when you look at the current “Staff Favorites” section on iTunes, here’s what you see:
ITunes Staff picks

What do you notice first? “Put This On”? “WTF with Mark Maron”? If you squint, you can see that a lot of the podcast icons feature a good amount of contrast, an easy-to-read title, and sometimes, a photo of the host of the show.

Do you see that little icon in the bottom right, for Coverville? Yeah, took me a second too. And it made me realize it was time to update that iTunes icon that I’ve been using for a few years now. So I reached out to a contact I’ve made through The Morning Stream, Mr. Steve Hamaker. For you comic book buffs out there, Steve worked with creator Jeff Smith on the comic Bone, and very recently, created this amazing illustration of Scott and I.

I asked Steve if he’d be interested in doing new iTunes album artwork for Coverville, and to my delight, he agreed. And here’s what he came up with:
Coverville Album 800px

I hope you love it as much as I do!