OK, quick survey, everybody. What would you rather see in the ID3 Album Tag in my mp3 file?
a) What I currently do; put the artists or a subject of the show in the Album.
b) “Coverville” (so that all tracks in your mp3 player stay together)

And if you chose b, does it matter to you if I include some of the artist names or a subject in the ID3 tags anywhere? Would you rather see that in the comments field?

Thanks – just post a comment to this entry and I’ll tally up the votes…

Postscript: People voted more for choice B than A, so I changed it for tonight’s and future shows. But for those who prefer A (and are on a Mac), I’ve developed an AppleScript that will quickly set the ID3 properties of the Coverville mp3 file to the former format. Download it here. Once you’ve downloaded it, copy it to your ~\Library\iTunes\Scripts folder, and it will be available in iTunes.