I’m pleased to announce that I will be part of the team for a brand-new weekly show, The Film Sack Podcast!

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You know all those great movies coming soon to theaters near you? The films that are just about to gross millions at the box office?

Yeah. That’s not at all what this show is going to be about.

We’re going to rummage through the geektastic archives to find those movies that maybe slipped under the radar, or are from a few years back. Stuff that’s not only readily accessible on Netflix, but are quite often available instantly as Netflix streaming movies! Things that you maybe saw as a kid, or forgot about when they disappeared all too quickly from the local cineplex. Or maybe even went straight to video, and missed the masses completely.

The Film Sack panel will also include Scott Johnson (who rivals yours truly for ‘most podcasts produced in a month’), Randy Jordan, the co-host of The Instance, the most popular World Of Warcraft podcast, and Brian Dunaway, co-host of Extra Life Radio, and the artist behind the brilliant web comic “Guy In A Bush“.

The first show will hit the webs within the week, so listen and subscribe!