I’ve announced it on Extra Life Radio, I’ve announced it in show 319, but for those of you who haven’t listened yet, I’m announcing it here.

I’ve been wanting to do a Coverville CD for a while, and hadn’t come up with a theme or subject that really jumped out at me until now: The music of Spinal Tap. They’ve got a memorable catalog, and could be covered by artists of any genre. “Big Bottom”, “(Listen To the) Flower People”, “Hell Hole”, etc. work well both as parodies and as solid rock songs.

Nothing’s been signed yet, but here are some of the artists who have expressed interest in the album: Richard Cheese, Jonathan Coulton, Uncle Seth, The Smithereens, American Heartbreak (featuring the Rock and Roll Geek himself, Michael Butler), David Miller, and more.

I’m even trying to get The Folksmen to do a Spinal Tap cover, and can use anyone’s help who can assist in making that happen.

In the next couple weeks, I’m going to create a separate blog, which I’ll use to document a “making of” for the CD. I’m going to be getting a massive education in CD production, and it’ll be a good way to keep communicate those, as well as artist updates, album art, timelines and the rest. I’ll keep you posted here as soon as I get a separate site going.

And if you’re an artist who’d be interested in contributing a track, please contact me at coverville | at | gmail | dot | com. And if you’re a fan of a band that you think would be interested, let them know about this! Fan support is the best way to get someone involved.