Chris has thankfully addressed the voting issues that many podcasters had with PodcastAlley. Specifically, the requiring of daily votes. You listeners already give me 30 to 40 minutes of your time three times a week, and I can’t thank you enough for that.

PodcastAlley is now a “one vote per month” arrangement, and they’ve reset the votes and (unfortuantely) cleared out the comments, which was a real bummer for me because they were all positive and gave new listeners an idea of what the show was about. But I can’t complain, the one vote per month is a great addition, and has given me new hope for PodcastAlley again.

My vote script here on the site isn’t functioning yet because of the new changes – and with the new changes, I’ll probably remove it this weekend. So you’ll need to visit PodcastAlley to cast your vote. The “big media” pays attention to the top ten list over at PodcastAlley, and if it weren’t for support from listeners like you, I never would have been mentioned in Time magazine, USA Today and the New York Times, just to name a few.

Since votes have been reset, I’ll ask again, and then I’ll shut up for a while about it, but please visit PodcastAlley when it’s convenient, and cast a vote for not just my show, but all the shows you subscribe to. Let’s have the list at PodcastAlley reflect the true popularity of the great podcasts out there!

Thank you – and thanks for all the positive wishs for my health. I’m back up to 100% now, and a lot of that is attributed to your good vibes.