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Coverville 656: The Iggy Pop & The Stooges Cover Story


This episode of Coverville Bonus Tracks features:

1 Album

Search And Destroy
For College Radio Only
Orig. Iggy Pop/Stooges
2 Album

I Wanna Be Your Dog
Emilie Simon
Emilie Simon
Orig. Iggy Pop/Stooges
3 Album

Lust For Life
Eva Destruction & Her Big Band
Sing Along With Eva
Orig. Iggy Pop/Stooges
4 Album

The Passenger
Stereo Also Playable Mono
Orig. Iggy Pop/Stooges
5 Album

We Have All The Time In The World
Iggy Pop
Shaken And Stirred: The David Arnold James Bond Project
Orig. Louis Armstrong/James Bond
6 Album

Search and Destroy
League of Space Pirates
Orig. Iggy Pop/Stooges
7 Album

The Sisters Of Mercy
Some Girls Wander By Mistake
Orig. Iggy Pop/Stooges
8 Album

I Feel Alright
The Damned
Smash It Up – The Anthology 1976-1987
Orig. Iggy Pop/Stooges

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