Celebrating the 50th birthday of Beck and the 45th birthday of Jack White – it’s the hardest button on the devil’s haircut. NO! It’s Jack White and Beck cover songs, silly! (69 minutes)



Title Artist Length Artwork Album Original Artist Versions Buy
Dreams Olympia 5:14 Triple J: Like A Version 12 Beck
Loser The Bosshoss 3:16 Internashville Urban Hymns Beck 5
Think I’m In Love The Be Arthurs 4:26 The Be Arthurs EP Beck
Can’t Help Falling in Love Beck 3:13 Resistance Radio: The Man in the High Castle Album Elvis Presley 16
The Golden Age KT Tunstall 4:51 Acoustic Extravaganza (fanclub) Beck 2
Funky Lil’ Song Beck 5:15 Dimension Mix - A Tribute To Dimension 5 Records Bruce Haack
Sexx Laws Old School Freight Train 3:57 Pickin' On Beck Beck 3
Asshole Bjørn Berge 3:01 Acoustics Sessions OuiFM - Special Covers 2009 Beck 4
Tropicalia Dr. Lonnie Smith 5:51 Boogaloo To Beck - A Tribute Beck 2
Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat Beck 3:03 War Child Presents Heroes Bob Dylan 4
Seven Nation Army Ben l'Oncle Soul 2:59 Ben l'Oncle Soul White Stripes 23
Fell in Love with a Girl The Dirt Daubers 1:55 Rockin' Legends Pay Tribute to Jack White White Stripes 5
The Hardest Button to Button Mary Shelley Overdrive 3:34 Hideous Sexy EP White Stripes 3
My Doorbell Long Goners 4:01 Indie Translations of The White Stripes - A Tribute White Stripes 2
Steady As She Goes Infadels 2:58 Girl That Speaks No Words Raconteurs 4