Celebrating the birthday (albeit one day late) of a great artist in many senses of the word: Joni Mitchell. Here’s what’s on the show tonight:

Title (with link to iTunes, if available) Artist (with link to the artists’ website, if available) Album (with link to Amazon.com, if available) Original Artist
Big Yellow Taxi Pinhead Gunpowder Fahizah Joni Mitchell
This Flight Tonight Zimmer’s Hole Legion of Flames Joni Mitchell
Car On A Hill Lionheart Unearthed – Raiders of the Lost Archives Joni Mitchell
Both Sides Now Dengue Fever City of Ghosts Joni Mitchell
A Strange Boy Sisterboy A Wish To You Joni Mitchell
Court and Spark Gaffers Rotor Slow Rotor Fast Joni Mitchell
Eastern Rain The Lazy Eyes tokyo could not be opened because tokyo could not be found Joni Mitchell
Sex Kills Roine Stolt Wall Street Voodoo Joni Mitchell
River Allison Crowe Tidings Joni Mitchell

49 minutes |

Special thanks to Bob from the covers section of the Joni Mitchell Website!

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