Here’s on what’s on the show tonight:

Title (with link to iTunes, if available) Artist (with link to the artists’ website, if available) Album (with link to, if available) Original Artist
Overkill The Benjamin Gate Contact Men At Work
All Along The Watchtower BT4 Battlestar Galactica: Season 3 Bob Dylan
Don’t Ask Me Why Hussalonia Glass Houses Billy Joel
Femme Fatale Dramarama Cinema Verite Velvet Underground
(If Paradise Is) Half As Nice Aztec Camera Ruby Trax; The NME’s Roaring Forty Amen Corner
Summertime Billy Stewart One More TIme: The Chess Years George Gerswin (Porgy and Bess)

46 minutes |

Back Beat Media

The “Weird Al” accompanist I was trying to think of during the show? Jon “Bermuda” Schwartz…

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