Here’s on what’s on the show tonight:

Title (with link to iTunes, if available) Artist (with link to the artists’ website, if available) Album (with link to, if available) Original Artist
Mbube Solomon Linda's Original Evening Birds - South African Jazz and Jive (1954-1960) - Mbube Solomon Linda’s Original Evening Birds Mbube Roots: Zulu Choral Music From South Africa Solomon Linda
Wimoweh Yma Sumac - Ultra-Lounge, Vol. 1: Mondo Exotica - Wimoweh Yma Sumac Ultra Lounge Volume 1: Mondo Exotica Solomon Linda
Wimoweh The Weavers - On Top of Old Smoky - Wimoweh The Weavers On Top Of Old Smokey Solomon Linda
Le Lion Est Mort Ce Soir (The Lion Is Dead Tonight, Fr.) Henri Salvador - Henri Salvador : L'indispensable - Le lion est mort ce soir Henri Salvador L’indispensable Solomon Linda
Rise Jah Jah Children Various Artists - Trojan Box Set: Nyahbinghi - Rise Jah Jah Children (The Lion Sleeps) Ras Michael Trojan Nyahbinghi Box Set Solomon Linda
Hey, u dzhungliakh (Ukranian) Olya Fryz - Shcho Za Hamir... - Hey U Dzhungliakh - In the Jungle Olya Fryz Shcho Za Hamir… Solomon Linda
The Guitar (The Lion Sleeps Tonight) They Might Be Giants - Apollo 18 - The Guitar They Might Be Giants Apollo 18 Solomon Linda
The Lion Sleeps Tonight Les Black's Amazing Pink Holes - Breakfast With the Holes - The Lion Sleeps Tonight Les Black’s Amazing Pink Holes Breakfast With The Holes Solomon Linda
Touma (Wimoweh) Mory Kanté - Best of Mory Kanté - Touma (Wimowe) Mory Kanté Best Of Mory Kanté Solomon Linda

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Special thanks to my “studio audience” for this episode: Brian Schwartz from the book and website “50 Interviews” (where you’ll soon be able to watch a video of the recording of this episode), and Chad and Isaac from Leap: The Movie ( Check them out!

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