1 Album

Love Vigilantes
Orig. New Order
Oysterband - Trawler - Love Vigilantes
2 Album

Heart Of Glass
Old School Freight Train
Six Years
Orig. Blondie
Old School Freight Train - Six Years - Heart of Glass
3 Album

Pop Muzik
Back To The Mono Kero
Orig. M
Ex-Girl - Back to the Mono Kero! - Pop Muzik
4 Album

You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)
La République Des Meteors
Orig. Dead Or Alive
5 Album

Time After Time
John Tucker Must Die Original Soundtrack
Orig. Cyndi Lauper
Quietdrive - John Tucker Must Die - Time After Time
6 Album

Modern Love
Marie Mazziotti
This Time From the Heart
Orig. David Bowie
Marie Mazziotti - This Time from the Heart - Modern Love

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