1 Album

Hello There
Loss of Control
Dream Tonight: a Tribute to Cheap Trick
Orig. Cheap Trick
Loss of Control - Dream Tonight: A Tribute to Cheap Trick - Hello There (Loss of Control)
2 Album

Surrender (outtake)
The Posies
At Least, At Last (Disc 4)
Orig. Cheap Trick
3 Album

Getting Better
Cheap Trick
Sgt. Pepper Live
Orig. Beatles
Cheap Trick - Sgt. Pepper (Live) - Getting Better
4 Album

Quiero Que Me Quieras (I Want You To Want Me)
Quiero Club
Rudo Y Cursi Soundtrack
Orig. Cheap Trick
Quiero Club - Rudo y Cursi - Quiero Que Me Quieras
5 Album

Yume Keisatsu (Dream Police)
Kaette Kita Koutetsu Densetsu Kin No Maki
Orig. Cheap Trick
Ohsama - Kaette Kita Koutetsu Densetsu Kin No Maki - Dream Police - Yume Keisatsu
6 Album

Southern Girls (Remix)
The Vegas Years
Orig. Cheap Trick
Everclear - The Vegas Years - Southern Girls (Remix) [2008 Digital Remaster]
7 Album

Concrete Blonde
Mexican Moon CD5
Orig. Cheap Trick
Concrete Blonde - Still In Hollywood - Mandocello
8 Album

Tonight It’s You
Keith Lubrant
Orig. Cheap Trick
9 Album

Come On Come On
Copyshop Girl (single)
Orig. Cheap Trick
Stratocruiser - Copyshop Girl CD Single - come On Come On

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