All-request night, with songs going out to John, Stefan, Debbie, Bob, Michael, Daniel and Steven!

52 minutes |

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1 Album

The Baseballs
Orig. Rihanna
2 Album

Valentine’s Day Is Over
June Tabor And The Oyster Band
Freedom And Rain
Orig. Billy Bragg
June Tabor and the Oyster Band - Freedom and Rain - Valentine's Day Is Over
3 Album

Let’s Go To Bed
Orig. Cure
Ivy - Guestroom - Let's Go to Bed
4 Album

Can’t Get It Out Of My Head (Live)
Fountains Of Wayne
Out-Of-State Plates
Orig. Electric Light Orchestra
Fountains of Wayne - Out-Of-State Plates - Can't Get It Out of My Head (Live)
5 Album

Let’s Dance
Orig. David Bowie
Holmes - Holmes - Let's Dance
6 Album

Catch The Wind
The Irish Descendants
So Far So Good. The Best of The Irish Descendants
Orig. Donovan
The Irish Descendants - So Far So Good - the Best of the Irish Descendants - Catch the Wind

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