coverville-hodgepodge-album.jpgThe only theme for tonight’s show is that there is no theme. Just a bunch of great music that I’ve gotten lately, that didn’t fit into a Cover Story or All-Request Show.

52 minutes |


1 Album

Neil Halstead
Sing Me To Sleep – Indie Lullabies
Orig. Kate Bush
Neil Halstead - Sing Me to Sleep - Indie Lullabies - Cloudbusting
2 Album

Lindsey Ray
Uncovering a Cure
Orig. Lovin’ Spoonful
3 Album

Hide And Seek
Art Of Chaos
Orig. Imogen Heap
Art of Chaos - Dreams - Hide and Seek
4 Album

Big Love
Carrie Rodriguez
Love and Circumstance
Orig. Little Village
Carrie Rodriguez - Love and Circumstance - Big Love
5 Album

You Found Me
two seconds away
New Music Monday V
Orig. Fray
6 Album

Snow & Voices
Anything That Moves
Orig. Red House Painters
7 Album

Calling Out Of Context
Holiday For Strings
Favorite Flavor
Orig. Arthur Russell
Holiday for Strings - Favorite Flavor - Calling Out
8 Album

Disco Inferno
Sentient Machine
Sentient Machine
Orig. Trammps
Sentient Machine - Sentient Machine - Hard Enough
9 Album

Showbiz Blues
Peter Parcek
The Mathematics Of Love
Orig. Fleetwood Mac/Peter Green
Peter Parcek 3 - The Mathematics Of Love - Showbiz Blues
10 Album

Never Gonna Give You Up
Crucial Dudes
Crucial Dudes
Orig. Rick Astley

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