coverville-cover-story-album.jpgBy request, and totally appropriate for this month, tonight’s Cover Story features the music of The Decemberists, an indie folk-rock band from Portland, OR. Here’s a band I was largely unfamiliar with, save their cover work, of course, and I love what I’m hearing so far. I hope you will too!

42 minutes |



Title Artist Album Original Artist
1 Album Think About Me The Decemberists Bridging the Distance Fleetwood Mac Think About Me - Bridging the Distance
2 Album Red Right Ankle Blanket Music The Love / Love Translation Decemberists Red Right Ankle (The Decemberists) - The Love / Love Translation
3 Album The Crane Wife 3 Marianne Faithfull Easy Come, Easy Go Decemberists The Crane Wife 3 - Easy Come Easy Go
4 Album Shankill Butchers Sarah Jarosz Song Up In Her Head Decemberists Shankill Butchers - Song Up In Her Head
5 Album Apology Song Wakey!Wakey! Wakey!Wakey! Wednesdays [Family Records] Decemberists
6 Album Every Day Is Like Sunday Colin Meloy Colin Meloy Sings Morrissey Morrissey
7 Album Human Behavior The Decemberists Read – Interpreting Björk Bjork Human Behavior - Read - Interpreting Björk
8 Album Yankee Bayonet (I Will Be Home Then) Vitamin String Quartet Per_Versions Decemberists Yankee Bayonet (I Will Be Home Then) - Per_Versions

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