coverville-hodgepodge-album.jpgWhat do you get when you combine Depeche Mode and Pink Floyd? Find that out, and more, on tonight’s Coverville!

44 minutes |


Title Artist Album Original Artist
1 Album Adele Medley Alex Goot, Justin Robinett, and Michael Henry Submission Adele
2 Album Personal Money (Personal Jesus/Money mashup) The Lonely Wild Depeche Mode/Pink Floyd
3 Album American Girl Green River Ordinance Songs We Like From Before We Were Born Tom Petty
4 Album Galapogos Natalie Walker Spark Smashing Pumpkins Galapogos - Spark
5 Album Sweet Child O’ Mine Scott Gagner Rhapsody In Blonde Guns N’ Roses Sweet Child O' Mine - Rhapsody In Blonde
6 Album Yellow Catherine & Tom The Best of the Best Coldplay
7 Album Tainted Love Gooding (Little Red’s Vault) Little Red’s Vault Vol. 1 Lincoln/Zoo bar Gloria Jones/Soft Cell
8 Album Ramrod Paul Blissett Fire and Soul Al Casey Ramrod - Fire and Soul

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