coverville-cover-story-album.jpgIn honor of the late Jerry Leiber, we’ll listen to a few of the most famous songs to which he wrote lyrics.

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Title Artist Album Original Artist
1 Album Ruby Baby Björk Q’s Ultimate Songwriters Drifters Ruby Baby - Gling-Glo
2 Album Is That All There Is? Firewater Songs We Should Have Written Dan Daniels
3 Album There Goes My Baby The Walkmen Stubbs the Zombie (The Soundtrack) Drifters There Goes My Baby - Stubbs The Zombie: The Soundtrack
4 Album I Keep Forgettin’ David Bowie Tonight Artwoods I Keep Forgettin' - Tonight
5 Album Jailhouse Rock John Mellencamp Honeymoon In Vegas Elvis Presley
6 Album Young Blood The Band Till The Night Is Gone: A Tribute To Doc Pomus Coasters Young Blood - High On the Hog
7 Album Love Potion No. 9 Doug Ferony I Ain’t Got You Clovers Love Potion No. 9 - I Ain't Got You
8 Album Kansas City Joya Landis Trojan ‘Tighten Up’ Box Set Little Willie Littlefield Kansas City - Tighten Up Volume 1 (Deluxe Edition)
9 Album Stand By Me Porn On Beta Covered In Porn Ben E. King
10 Album Spanish Harlem Bowling For Soup Bowling For Soup Goes To The Movies Ben E. King Spanish Harlem - Bowling for Soup Goes to the Movies [Deluxe Version]
11 Album On Broadway Gary Numan Nouvelle Vague Presents New Wave Drifters On Broadway (Live) - The Pleasure Principle
12 Album Hound Dog The Residents The King And Eye Big Mama Thorton Hound Dog - The King and Eye

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