In honor of the late Adam Yauch, who passed away this past weekend, a long-overdue tribute to the Beastie Boys. (55 minutes)


Title Artist Album Original Artist More
1 Start! The Beastie Boys Fire & Skill – The Songs Of The Jam Jam
Album Fire & Skill - The Songs of The Jam - Various Artists
2 Girls Hello Tokyo Buffetlibre Rewind Beastie Boys
3 Sabotage Born a Lion 3 Pistas Vol 2 Antena 3 Beastie Boys
4 Fight For Your Right Coldplay Live at the Hollywood Bowl Beastie Boys
5 Shake Your Rump (Live at the Santa Maria Hilton on 10/13/94) Barenaked Ladies Stop Us If You’ve Heard This One Before! Beastie Boys
Album Stop Us If You've Heard This One Before! - Barenaked Ladies
6 Paul Revere Asylum Street Spankers Mercurial Beastie Boys
Album Paul Revere - Mercurial
7 Fight For Your Right The ReBeatles Project Get Back Beastie Boys
Album Paul Revere - Mercurial
8 I Don’t Know Exit 69 Aural Pleasure Beastie Boys
9 Sabotage The Penelope[s] Priceless Concrete Echoes Beastie Boys
Album Priceless Concrete Echoes (Bonus Track Version) - The Penelope[s]
10 Intergalactic Reuben Wilson/Andrew Beals/Lafrae Olivia Sci/Doug Munro Boogaloo To The Beastie Boys Beastie Boys
Album Reuben Wilson / Andrew Beals / LaFrae Olivia Sci / Doug Munro

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